How to Scheduling an IG Live on Instagram iOS

Instagram recently launched a new feature for iOS users. The feature is called Live Scheduling which allows users to schedule IG Live regularly. In addition, users can also promote IG Live in a new way through the Live Scheduling feature.

The launch of the Live Scheduling feature was delivered by Instagram through the official Instagram @creators account. Instagram launched the Live Scheduling feature for content creators and users who frequently use IG Live.

With the launch of the Live Scheduling feature, Instagram seems to want to increase the amount of live content on their platform. In addition, Instagram also wants many users to watch and create live content on Instagram more often.

Then, how to scheduling an IG Live on Instagram iOS app? Check out the explanation in the following article.

How to Scheduling an IG Live on Instagram iOS

Instagram live scheduling feature allows users to schedule their live broadcast 1 hour to 90 days before the event starts. You can also make it easier for users to promote their IG Live in stories and feeds.

Users can promote their IG Live event by clicking the ‘share as post’ button. Later, users can embed photos such as event posters in their IG Live promotional post.

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Easy way to schedule IG Live on the iOS

  1. Open the Instagram App.
  2. Create an IG Live broadcast by clicking the plus icon or add at the top of the screen.
  3. Slide the menu under the “shutter” button until you find IG Live or Live Broadcasts.
  4. Click the calendar icon on the left side of the screen.
  5. Write IG Live event title and IG Live starting time.
  6. Click ‘Finish’

That was the easy way to schedule IG Live on the iOS version of Instagram. Enjoy !!

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