How To Scan Text From Images On iPhone iOS 15

How To Scan Text From Images On iPhone iOS 15? iOS 15 update brings an interesting feature that helps you get helpful information from photos and online images. This feature is called Live Text and supports iPhone XR, iPhone XS, or later with iOS 15.

With the Live Text feature, you can get the text in the picture and copy it for use in the note app, make a call, send it by email, or chat with friends. The Live Text feature is available to be accessed in various ways, and everything is guaranteed to be very easy. Let’s check out the full guide to using Live Text on iOS 15.

How to Use Live Text on iOS 15

First, you have to turn on Live Text for all supported languages, Go to Settings > General > Language & Region, and enable Live Text.

How To Scan Text From Images On iPhone iOS 15

First, open the Camera application on an iPhone that has updated to iOS 15.

Point the camera snap mode at the paper, images on your photo app, or image online with the text on them. When your camera recognizes text that supports the Live Text feature, a Live Text icon in the lower right corner and four yellow brackets will appear around the text.

After that, press and hold on to the line of text to make a selection. Then use the available menus such as Copy, Select All, Look Up, Translate or Share.

In addition, Live Text can also convert handwriting on images into text easily and quickly. The accuracy of converting a handwritten image into text depends on how clear and neat the handwriting is.

Have you tested Live Text features yet? Please share your experience using live text with us in the comment section below. And do not forget to share this article with your friends.

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