How To Make FaceTime Calls With Android

One of the effects of a global pandemic is finding a way to stay connected with people when face-to-face meetings are limited. And video calls have been our savior.

With its availability across platforms, Zoom has been the king of the video app since last year. With the presence of iOS 15, iPad 15, and macOS Monterey, Apple is expanding its horizons in the world of video calling and becoming a serious challenger to Zoom.

One of the exclusive services for apple users is Facetime. Facetime is a platform for making limited voice and video calls for fellow users of Apple products.

At WWDC 2021, Apple announced that Android users can now participate in FaceTime calls; you can connect through a PC browser or Android device. For non-Android Facetime users, the installation is not necessary, and they can join the chat directly from the browser.

Now, let’s begin with how to make FaceTime calls with Android.

Facetime links are not only helpful in making calls with non-Apple users. You can also schedule calls with these links. The first step is, Open the Facetime Application and Press the Create Link Button.

How to Create a FaceTime Link from iPhone

Under the screen will appear several options. You can edit the name of this link. Tap the Add Name option to name the call link. If you don’t edit it, by default, this link will be named FaceTime Link.

Then, share the link with the person you want to join in the call. You can create as many FaceTime Links as you want at the same time. Unique links will be created every time you create a new link.

When android and windows users want to join a Facetime call, you’ll get a notification. Tap the Answer button to receive their call. You can still add Apple users to calls in the same way as before.

How to make a FaceTime call with Android

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Use FaceTime on Android and Windows

Non-Apple users, whether android devices or Windows systems, can join a FaceTime call with a link. They can only join FaceTime calls started by Apple users. Non-Apple users are unable to start calls because the FaceTime app is not yet available for non-Apple users.

Non-Apple users also don’t need an Apple ID or any account to join the call. They can join the call from a Smartphone browser or Computer.

To join the call, open the link in your browser. Then, enter your name to continue. Entering your real name is very important so the host can identify you. Then click Continue.

How to Use FaceTime on Android and Windows

When using FaceTime in your browser for the first time, a confirmation will appear that FaceTime wants to access your camera and microphone. Click Allow, and then click the Join button.

Using FaceTime on Android and Windows
Facetime android

The screen will display the message Waiting to be let in. Once the Apple user who started the call lets you Join, you’ll be part of the call.

With a unique web link, FaceTime calls will be accessible to everyone. Hopefully this article can help you understand how to make FaceTime calls with Android or use FaceTime on Android and Windows.

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