Free Photo Editing With Premium Features On Android

Camera is one of the main features that must be owned by smartphones in today’s modern era. Increasingly, the camera functions offered by various brands and types of Android smartphones are getting quality. At the end of the day, you can make photos or videos more quality.

No wonder if android smartphone cameras are now widely used by the public in daily activities. Some built-in functions can be compared to the quality of professional cameras on the market when viewed from the built-in functions.

For photography lovers, photos taken with a camera are not enough. Therefore, a little editing touch is needed to make the image look more beautiful. Not only in terms of color composition but also the dimensions of the image or the object’s location.

So you need the help of a photo editing app to do this. Many photo editing apps can be downloaded from the Play Store, both free and paid on Android phones. Some of them are also often used by celebrities and public figures.

Here are five free photo editing with premium features on Android recommended by the Kricio Team:

Five free photo editing with premium features on Android

Photoshop Express: Photo Editor

Usually, Adobe Photoshop is an application widely used to edit photos on a PC or laptop. Now comes the Android version of Photoshop Express: Photo Editor. Although not as complete as the PC version, this mobile application is quite suitable for editing your photos.

This application is suitable for beginners who are learning because it is easy to use. Some of the features in this application are changing the filter according to the options provided, cropping the image, removing unwanted spots on the image, or removing stains. Thus, the photo will look better as desired.


This app is made by Google. You can also crop images, edit brightness, contrast, or rotate photos as you see fit. More than that, the app also provides the option to edit photos by adding emoticons or text to images.

There is no need to worry for those of you who do not know how to use Snapseed because automatic editing functions can be used. Furthermore, with the Snapseed app, you can also repeat (Undo) the photo editing process from the beginning if the results are not excellent and satisfactory.

PicsArt Photo Editor: Photo Maker, Video & Collage

The next photo-editing application that you can install on your smartphone is PicsArt Photo Editor. This application is quite popular, and until now, more than 500 million Android smartphone or tablet users downloaded the PicsArt Photo Editor app on the Play Store.

PicsArt Photo Editor provides many features and filters that can make your photos look more beautiful. Even if you’re using the free version, you can still enjoy this app’s many somewhat exclusive features, such as adjusting image brightness and photo grid. This app is also suitable for beginners.

VSCO: Photo and Video Editor

Another photo editing app that is quite popular is VSCO. It’s no secret that VSCO is one of the most popular photography apps. VSCO also has several features that other photo editing apps don’t have, like vintage effects that make photos look classic, just like old photos.

If you want to use exclusive features in VSCO, you have to pay for the complete package. However, the free standard version of the application also offers many options and is considered sufficient, especially for beginners.

Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor

In addition to the Photoshop Express app developed by Adobe, Lightroom is also a photo editing app available on PC and Android versions. Apps intended for the Android version are certainly lighter, although not as complete as the features provided for the PC version.

However, this app is already more than good enough and easy to edit photos through a smartphone. In this application, there is an Image Sharing feature, and also supports the process of editing photos with the raw file format, aka RAW.


All photo editing apps mentioned above can be downloaded free on the Play Store for your Android smartphone. Although free, the features offered in each application are pretty diverse and can produce good photo editing, like a professional photographer.

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