Easy way to disable or Enable Game mode in Windows 11

Game mode in Windows 11 Game mode is enabled by default in Windows 11. This article will discuss an easy way to disable or Enable Game mode in Windows 11. Windows 11 game mode can help improve computer performance to be optimal when you playing games.

By enabling this feature, Windows prioritizes the gaming experience by preventing Windows from updating drivers automatically and preventing all notifications from appearing. Windows will also try to optimize the display of frame rate graphics that are more stable, depending on the game itself and especially the hardware specifications on your computer.

This game mode feature can sometimes cause performance problems on the computer, especially when Windows incorrectly detects an ongoing Game application. If this happens, windows will reconfigure when the game is not played.

If you experience performance issues while playing games on a windows 11 or see a strange display like Game Freeze, fps are too low, even Game crashing. Turning off Game mode may be able to help solve this problem. The steps below will show you Easy way to disable or Enable Game mode in Windows 11.

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To start disabling or enabling Game mode in Windows 11, follow the steps below.

How to disable Game Mode in Windows 11

As mentioned above, Game mode can be the cause of performance issues in Windows 11. Especially when you’re playing games. Other users also experienced similar things, and disabling Game Mode successfully Fixed the problem. To quickly disable Game Mode, follow the instructions below.

Going to System Settings, you can use the Windows + I key shortcut or click Start ==> Settings. The Windows 11 Settings pane will look like the image below. In Windows Settings, click Gaming, and select Game Mode in the right side pane of your screen.

In the Game Mode settings pane, switch the button on Game Mode to the Off position to disable. Game mode settings changes have been completed, and you can exit the settings panel.

How to enable Game Mode in Windows 11

If you change your mind to disable Game Mode in Windows 11, you can simply reverse the steps above to enable it. Go to the Start ==> Windows Settings ==> Gaming ==> Game Mode and switch the button to the On position.

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