2 Methode Disable Cortana in windows 11

How Disable Cortana in windows 11 ?, If you don’t like the Cortana feature in windows 11, you can disable it with 2 Methode,temporarily or permanently.

Cortana is one of Microsoft’s cloud-based digital assistant to helps windows 11 user with their voice commands. Cortana has been present on the Windows operating system since Windows 8. You can use Cortana to find files on your PC , folders, and applications on your PC,set reminders, search the web for queries, configure computer settings, and much more.

But some people finds, Cortana more annoying than helpful. Even though Microsoft already updated Cortana features, it often fails to find valid results when performing a search. For those of you who are very careful when it comes to privacy, Cortana also collects information about your habits, your location, your calendar entries, your search history, your email, and stores it on a cloud server. Moreover, it make high system resources and can slow down your system.

Cortana is no longer the default search engine in Windows 11 but just an app. Even though Cortana is pre-installed on the Windows 11 operating system, although it is off by default, Cortana runs in the background in Windows 11. In this tutorial, kricio.com will guide you with 2 Methode Disable Cortana in windows 11.

Temporarily Disable Cortana in Windows 11

By default, Cortana runs automatically when you log into your computer. If you don’t want Cortana to run until you manually enable it, you can disable it starting from Windows.

First, open Windows 11 Settings by using the Windows key + i shortcut or click Start => Settings, select the Apps tab on the left side, then click the Apps & features option on the right.

On the Apps & features page, scroll down and click the three-dot menu next to the Cortana app, and select Advanced options.

how to Disable Cortana in Windows 11

On the Cortana app page, scroll down and slide it to the off position under Runs at log-in. Restart your computer to confirm the changes. Now, Cortana has been disabled when your PC starts up.

Temporarily Disable Cortana in Windows 11

Disable Cortana Permanently On Windows 11

Another way you can disable Cortana permanently is via Local Group Policy Editor in Windows 11. First, open the Run command by pressing Win + R. Then, type gpedit.msc into the box and press Enter to open the Local Group Policy Editor.

Next, click according to the instructions below in order:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Search

Then, double click on the Allow Cortana setting in the right pane as shown below.

Last Step, set the Allow Cortana setting to Disabled, click Apply, and select OK.

How to Disable Cortana on Windows 11 Permanently
Permanent Disable Cortana in windows 11

You can now close the Local Group Policy Editor and restart your computer. If you want to re-enable Cortana, go back to the same settings above (Allow Cortana), and change the setting to Not Configured or Enabled.

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